Etienne Magnoux

What are the best practice for parametric top-down assembly

Discussion created by Etienne Magnoux on Jul 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Howard Gibson

HI there,


I would like to know which practices are considered best in a top-down assembly.

I use it for small assemblies of lathe parts, very similar one to another, only some dimensions change


My practice is the following:

-In an assembly, I create a sketch fo each part with clearance or contact between my components.

-Then, I create global variables to control some of my values.

-I make a design table to generate my configurations.

-I use pack and go to generate assembly, parts and drawings with a different part number. I don't generate a new design table, so it's still linked to my "main" design table.


I'm just wondering what others do with this kind of assembly.


Thanks for your comments,