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    Finding a path to learning what I need to know

    C. Thorne

          I'm fairly new to Solidworks, but not new to 3D.  In some respects, I think this might actually be making things more difficult for me than they would be if I knew nothing at all because I know a given thing can be done, I know how to do it in a given venue, but am frustrated by my inability to do it easily in Solidworks.
          That is to say, I blaze through tutorials as they're all concepts I'm very comfortable with, but no sooner am I done with the tutorial than I think, "but what if I want to flatten this piece" or any other similar random thought and I am completely baffled as to how to accomplish it.

          In this particular case I have made a trapezoidal prism in solid works that will need to be cut from flat sheets of building material (plastic or plywood) and then assembled. How do I produce plans that will describe the proper dimensions to cut these pieces? When I follow the tutorials for making plans the only show the pieces as they are viewed and do not 'flatten" them or rotate them to display them as they would be cut.  Can a 'flat pack' be made for something that is not sheet metal being bent, but flat stock that has to be cut then assembled to construct the finished design?
          I'm not looking for someone to do it the work for me. I'm willing to follow lessons, work through tutorials or read documentation. the difficulty is that the information I keep finding keeps answer the *same* questions, and doesn't help learn the things I'm really looking for.a

          Any help would be so very greatly appreciated.