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"True" Arc Length Dimensioning?

Question asked by 1-FO42F6 on Mar 5, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2007 by 1-FO42F6
I'm having issues with getting the arc length of a line segment. I click on the two ends of the arc segment, then the arc segment itself to get the "true arc length". This seems to give me the proper arc length for a 90 degree segment, but returns odd lengths when I attempt the measurement on other arc segments.

I noticed that I had two arc segments with equal radius, but the "true arc length" measurement was different. One segment is less than 45 degrees, but returns a larger "true arc length" value than a segment which is about 180 degrees. Is the true arc length measuring what I think it should? And how do I get the arc length of the segments that I am looking for?

Joe Waligora