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The mouse-issue

Question asked by David Boydston on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2014 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi guys, I am running Solidworks 2011, my company will soon upgrade to 2013 (or so I am told. . .)

Anyways, I recently requested a new mouse because I was fed up with the 600 dpi 3-button thing I had (Im a gamer at home, used to 3200 dpi).

I got a gigabyte mouse with fwd/back buttons for the thumb and tilt-wheel. The problem is I cant configure this buttons to Solidworks, I want to use the back button as "normal-to" command in solidworks, I can do it if I go into mouse settings and use the bind key to ctrl + 8, but then I cant use the back-button feature on Chrome/FF because its not bound to that command anymore.


I have searched the forums and the internet for this issue, which seems to be a topic of discussion and everyone is talking about specific mouse (logitech, dell, etc). But I think most (other) software can recognize commands as mouse4, mouse5 and so on without having issues on the mouse model itself. I think its pretty normal nowadays to have more than 3 buttons on a mouse.


I didnt have any problems with the third-button (I found this issue many times on the internet) with this new mouse, so I am sure Solidworks recognizes its mouse3 regardless of brand/model.


I am just wondering if there is a way to input Mouse4, mouse5, mouse6 etc. into the commands menu, I know there are mouse gestures, but this isnt a mouse gesture its an actual mouse button.


There's only keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, what happened to mouse buttons?

C'mon Im not asking for too much am I ?