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    Large Assemblies

    Tony Dugan

      I have been working on a redesign of a new machine, so needless to say i have a huge top assembly with many sub-assemblies. well this obviously creates a large file that opens slowly and bogs down my operations. i now even have trouble getting the assy open. i have thought of removing all the fastners, which i know would greatly decrease the lag. this could however be an option if i could just exclude fasteners from the top assy and retain the fastners at the lower levels. i am not sure if this is possible though. if anyone has ideas or tricks on how to reduce file size i would be up for trying them.


      I do use different configurations in this Assy so maybe i also need to just get rid of those and work around that??

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          Brian Morris

          Have you tried using Large Design Review to open the top level assembly?


          Large Design Review


          Large Design Review lets you open very large assemblies quickly, while still retaining capabilities that are useful when conducting design reviews of assemblies.

          When you open an assembly in Large Design Review mode, you can:

          • Navigate the FeatureManager design tree
          • Measure distances
          • Create cross sections
          • Hide and show components
          • Create, edit, and play back walk-throughs
          To open an assembly in Large Design Review mode, click Open Tool_Open_Standard.gif (Standard toolbar) or File > Open. In the dialog box, select the assembly you want to open, and then, in Mode, select Large Design Review.
          • Large Design Review is primarily intended as an environment for quick design reviews. If you want to ensure that all items are updated properly, you must open your assembly as lightweight or fully resolved.
          • Information about the following items is not shown in the FeatureManager design tree:
            • Assembly features
            • Component patterns
            • Mates
          • Components with multiple configurations show only the last saved configuration.
          • Assembly features that are not propagated to the part level might not display properly.
          An assembly must be saved in SolidWorks 2012 or later to open properly in Large Design Review.


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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't believe that moving fasteners into lower level assemblies will help much. Making simplified versions of the top level assembly and all of the subassemblies seems like it would help, but that depends on how much detail and how many purely internal parts you can remove.


            Jerry S.

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              Stephen Bittner

              Does the hardware have the screw threads modeled?  If so, I would suppress those cuts.