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Promote not persisting

Question asked by Josh Morgan on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by Josh Morgan

I have two problems.


I have an assembly that we'll call TOP.  It contains several components and subassemblies.


I created a drawing of TOP, and created a BOM table.  For most of the sub assemblies, I can right click their assembly icon and get the Component Options option on the menu, but one assembly does not have this option (nor the Exclude from BOM option).  I cannot find anything unique about this assembly in any way, so I don't understand why that option is not offered.


The other problem is that I have some subassemblies that won't persistently promote their members.  I can right click, choose Component Options, and hit promote.  It promotes the components so that they show up on the BOM and all the flag notes update, but when I close and reopen the file, it has been collapsed again.  I'm at a loss here and any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks!