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Flexible wire

Question asked by Oleg Kostrov on Jul 4, 2014
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Can you help me?


I have solidworks 3D and solidworks electrical!


I made 3D model of electrical cabinet!

I made routing of all wires! It's done!)))


But I want to improve final 3D-model!

There are wires connect devices not only

mounted on it's walls but also on the door!


The door is dynamic! I can open/close it!

But wires which connect, for example, contactor

namely in the cabinet and an indicator mounted

on the door stand frozen to the spot))) when

I want to close the door!!!


The question is: is it possible to make dynamic

flexible wires between cabinet and it's door!

I mean, wire have to be bent and to be hidden

behind the door when I close it?

It suppose to be as kind of animation but not really

like that, it have to be in real time! Not like recorded



If it's possible, could you help me?

How that can be carry out?


Thank you beforehand!)))


Best regards!!!

PCS - engineer,