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Everything locks up when I add a new part or mate?

Question asked by Daniel Holida on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

Hello everyone. Newbie here, getting really frustrated. Looked around online for an answer to no avail.


I'm designing a desk- no big deal, nothing really complex. Something has messed up itself... I finished working for the night, rebuilt the assembly, checked that everything was good (it was), and saved it and turned off the program.



I got on about an hour ago, and the whole thing was locked up. Nothing would move. Nothing. I tried deleting the last few mates I did- didn't help. Once I removed the last piece I put in, then I was good to go again. However, whenever I try to add a new part and constrain it to where it needs to be, the whole thing locks up again!


I'm out of ideas. Has anyone ever encountered this? Does anyone have any ideas??


It may be worthwhile to point out that for some reason, there is a part of the desk that seems to be sorta mated to everything else. Meaning, if I move ANY other part, for some reason this one part also moves around a little. Not really sure why.....hasn't caused any problems though (unti now?)


Thanks in advance!