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    Contain tab

    Nhat MAI



      Does anyone know how to update the contains tab?



      you can see that I updated AFP2283 and it shows version 1/2. Why doesn't it show 2/2? I need to know because when you click on the AFP2283 it opens the old version and not the new one.

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Version 1 of AFP2283 was in your local cache when you checked in 31-228T1212-052. If you checkout 31-228T1212-052, then get the latest version of AFP2283, then check 31-228T1212-052 back in, you'll be golden.

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            Brian McEwen

            Jeff is right of course, but I would also point out that it is often not a problem if it shows the older version in the Contains tab.  You shouldn't really need to fix that (by checking in the parent again) -  if people are trained in how to use the system. I mean you can, but this could come up a lot, and it would be a pain to try to fix all cases.  Also consider that you can set some users to Always Work With Latest Version (Settings>>Reference Dialog).


            If you Clear Cache or Get Latest Version, you will get the newer AFP2283 file. I guess as a PDF (as opposed to SolidWorks) the signals are not as clear that it is out of date...