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    SolidWorks 2014 SP3.0 crashes on rotation by middle mouse button

    Gar Waterman

      Hello folks,


      I am encountering a crash ("SolidWorks has encountered a problem and needs to close") on average every 15 minutes during regular use that always happens when I use the middle mouse button to rotate the view. I would offer to include any crash reports, but they never seem to be able to finish collecting, even after an hour of waiting.


      System info:

      Win 7 64 Bit

      250GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD (solidworks installed here)

      1TB WD disk drive

      32GB Memory

      Core i7-4771 3.5GHz

      ATI FirePro V4900 (latest drivers, runs 42-46 degC during use)


      Any ideas on where to start?