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Solid is Melting warning

Question asked by Shamshudeen Jalaludeen on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Jared Conway

Hi all

I am doing flow simulation analysis of a server room. Cold air is comming in from the AC duct and it will help cooling the server racks. The hot return air is sucked back. Server racks are assigned as heat generation units.

While doing the simulation am getting a warning like this:


A vortex crosses the pressure openingBoundary Condition : Environment Pressure 4 ; Inlet flow/outlet flow=0.00690354
Solid is meltingMaterial: Cast concrete ; Max temperature=738.029 °C; Melting temperature=726.85 °C


I have read in some discussion that the "vortex crossing" warning can be neglected.  My doubt is regarding the "Solid melting" warning.

I have assigned the server racks as volume source of heat. A single rack will contain 15 servers and each server is assigned 13000 W.  This i have assigned as per the data from datasheets.


Can i ignore this warning or this will affect my result.