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Question asked by Jerry Kassil on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by Dan Bertschi

Hello all, we are still planning to have our next meeting in September and Craig and I decided we’d pass this concept by the group to see what you all thought. We realize that not everyone has the opportunity to make it to Solidworks world and we wanted to try to bring a little piece of the energy to the meeting.


One of the things that we look forward to each year is the Model Mania competition. Basically you are given a drawing of a part to model. When that’s done, you get another drawing to make some changes. Finally, you need to run a simple analysis on your part. You are given 20 minutes to finish all the tasks and at the end the top three times are recognized at the final general assembly. Mark Schneider from Solidworks is the originator of this competition and has agreed in concept to help us out if we choose to hold our own NEOSWUG Model Mania competition. Given our time constraints, we would probably have to condense the tasks into something that would fit into a ten minute window and the plan would be to recognize the winners that night.


In order to round out the rest of the night while individuals are competing, we would put together a handful of other attractions to keep your interest. These could include a mini (and I mean mini) partner pavilion that perhaps could display a 3d printer and various input devices such as a 3D scanner. We thought we could also have a spin-the-wheel station of Solidworks questions that you can answer for prizes. Another station could be a short presentation that would be repeated one an hour so everyone would have a chance to take in the content.


When we put our ideas together it all sounded a bit like a circus or carnival. With that in mind, the food could be hamburgers and hot-dogs and maybe even some cotton candy to round out the atmosphere.


We realize it sounds aggressive but we also think it would be a lot of fun. We were just going to spring it on you all but then decided to present the idea to the group to get your input so we can grow the group together.


If we get a good bit of positive feedback, we will try to get this done and will definitely look to the group for help.

Let us know what you think as soon as you can…September is approaching fast and we would like to get this on Mark’s calendar if we decide to move forward with “CarnivalWorks”.


Thanks everyone.