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    Enterprise PDM workflow transition setting revision to 2 when revision has never been set

    Jacob Corder

      Hi all.

      I have a workflow that has many transitions named Initiate New Revision. These transitions all rout to a state called Incrementing Revision. At this state there is an automatic transition to return the file to the initial state called Initiated.


      The revision generator is number0, Its initial counter is 1.


      the revision i am refering to is the EPDM Revision, not the variable revision.



      If a file is added to the vault and has never had "Increment Revision" called to it or has never had a Enterprise Revision set to it, this Initiate New Revision transition sets the revision to 2. After that it increments by 1 to the next revision properly

      Files that have had a revision set to them increment correctly

      I am assuming epdm applies the initial counter to 1 but does not apply it to the file and at this state transition, it sets it to the initial counter plus the increment by value.


      If one was to call incement revision at the initial state, it puts the EPDM Revision to 1 if it has never received a revision.

      The file history shows the only revision ever applied to the file as being 2, skiping 1.


      The problem exists in the transition whether automatic or not. It will always set thr revision of a file that has never received a revision to 2.


      I have checked to add condition operators to evaluate the Epdm revision and execute accordingly but that Epdm revision argument checks the file versions revision, not the latest revision.



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          Brian McEwen

          Not sure of solution without knowing more of the setup.  But I have seen some stuff like that... One thought, both Transitions and States have an "Increment By" setting on the Revisions - try switching which one is adding 1 (leave the other blank).


          There are probably some ways you could reorganize your workflow that would help, but hopefully still get the desired effects. Perhaps change the Intial State checkbox for new files.


          I also wonder why you would increment the EPDM revision on a new file, or a file in the Initiated state.  I believe that is an usual approach, but you may have good reasons for it.  Most would only set the Card Revision Variable to the first value - before the change is finalized. 


          Your way everything you add is immmediately stamped as a Revision, even if it turns out to be junk that never advances.  What is your final "Released" type state - and what are you doing there? Incrementing Revision again?

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              Jacob Corder

              Basically Brian. i have cases where i can't get anyone to follow a set of rules to set the revison a file. I tell them over and over again that the Solidworks Revison Property "Revision" is not the controlled revision. Enterprise is the controller of revisions.

              This way i can give them a simple command to increment the revision and it takes care of setting the Solidworks "Revision" property along with a few other properties.


              I have so many cases where they will do work, not set the Enterprise Revision, and now the revisions are all messed up.  i could change the initial state to have an automatic transition to set the initial revision, but i still have legacy files to import. 

              I got the answer from My VAR today. all i had to do to eliminate the skipping to revision 2 was to delete the  "Increment By" values in the transitions and setting the increment by value in the initiated state to 1 so the transitions inherit the value from the next state if the "Increment by" value in the transition is blank.


              The final Released state Does not increment the revision. It transitions to The Released to Production Workflow. The workflow in discussion is for prototypes.

              so basically the fix was to remove the "Increment by" value in the transition, and add it to the initial state.

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                  Brian McEwen

                  Interesting, thanks for explaining. 


                  Of course I don't undestand your whole situation, but I still imagine you could set the EPDM database Revision ("Local Revision") at some later state, when work is actually happening based on the design (making a prototype or being sent to some outside supplier or whatever). Database revisions are typically added when a file is moved to a protected state where it cannot be changed (until transitioned back to some Edit state). I guess that is what bothers me. This is also significant if you use Cold Storage.


                  On the other hand the Card Revision is often initialized at the beginning (with Set Variable action, or with a Default value set on the data card).


                  As you already know the user doesn't have to remember to do it, if it is part of the transitions they must put it through.  You are bumping the database revision automatically at the beginning (Initiate New Revision), when the file can be changed, but then is it meaningful?  Could it be bumped automatically a bit later?


                  Just sharing some ideas.