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Enterprise PDM workflow transition setting revision to 2 when revision has never been set

Question asked by Jacob Corder on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Brian McEwen

Hi all.

I have a workflow that has many transitions named Initiate New Revision. These transitions all rout to a state called Incrementing Revision. At this state there is an automatic transition to return the file to the initial state called Initiated.


The revision generator is number0, Its initial counter is 1.


the revision i am refering to is the EPDM Revision, not the variable revision.



If a file is added to the vault and has never had "Increment Revision" called to it or has never had a Enterprise Revision set to it, this Initiate New Revision transition sets the revision to 2. After that it increments by 1 to the next revision properly

Files that have had a revision set to them increment correctly

I am assuming epdm applies the initial counter to 1 but does not apply it to the file and at this state transition, it sets it to the initial counter plus the increment by value.


If one was to call incement revision at the initial state, it puts the EPDM Revision to 1 if it has never received a revision.

The file history shows the only revision ever applied to the file as being 2, skiping 1.


The problem exists in the transition whether automatic or not. It will always set thr revision of a file that has never received a revision to 2.


I have checked to add condition operators to evaluate the Epdm revision and execute accordingly but that Epdm revision argument checks the file versions revision, not the latest revision.