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Inserting virtual components into a drawing.

Question asked by Eddie Pellegrin on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Alin Vargatu

We created a large assembly with regular parts and virtual parts. The virtual parts are cables/wires that we used Solidworking Electrical Routing to create. We would like to add these cables on additional pages as individual views into the same drawing for the large assembly. It appears that Solidworks only lets you create a separate drawing of the flattened view of the wires, but we would like to incorporate these views on the original large assembly drawing. Then, if you try to drag these views of these cables into our existing drawing, Solidworks says that these files must be saved externally to be used in a drawing.


My last resort would be to create a configuration for each individual wire, and just suppress what I don't want to see and then insert these views, but we were trying to get out of having to create a configuration for each wire. Any help or info would be appreciated. Thanks.