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Can't save updated sheet format.....

Question asked by Derek Madrak on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2014 by Rick Marmei

Hi all,

     I am having trouble saving our updated sheet format.  I opened our drawing template, modified our company logo by deleting the old .jpg and replacing it with the new .jpg same as i did a few years back.  Once I replace the .jpg I can't save the new format.  SolidWorks2014 SP3 tells me an unknown error occurred while accessing the template file name.  I can open a new drawing and save the sheet format with no problem, also any old drawing can be opened and sheet format saved.  Why am I not able to save the new updated sheet format?  I can save the updated drawing template with no problems, but this only allows new drawings to have the updated logo and the easy change sheet format useless because the updated format cant be saved.  Still can drag drawing views from old drawings to new ones, but this is so much less efficient.



Thanks for the help,