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    Display style issue

    Kevin Moreau

      Hi everyone,


      I am having some trouble with the display style of a view. I seem to know where the issue comes from but I have no idea why the software behaves this way nor how to fix it.

      So I have an assembly with multiple configurations and one of the part of the assembly has multiple display states and configurations as well. When I use the assembly in a drawin and use the "shaded with edges" display style, everything is fine, but when I switch to the "hidden lines removed" display state, some parts of the assembly become hidden. I have a feeling that the issue comes from the display states of the part from the assembly since I did hide some components for certain display states. What I don't understand is that the view is fine when shaded. I attached a file showing what I mean for better understanding of my issue. Hopefully some of you can help me with this.


      thank you

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          Kevin Moreau

          So I just figured out how to fix it. I went to the part display states (the active one had hiden parts) and I activated the display states where all the components were shown. It fixed my issue but still don't understand why the view was fine when shaded but that the parts would disapear when I change the display style of the view.