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Item Numbers in Balloons not matching BOM

Question asked by John Howell on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by John Howell

Hello all. I'm using SolidWorks BOM's for the first time (on a drawing) and am having some difficulties.


I put a view of an assembly on the drawing, then inserted a BOM based on that view. All is well.


I then inserted an exploded view (created from a different SolidWorks configuration) and added a few item bubbles, however the Item Numbers in the bubbles did not correspond to the correct Item Numbers in the BOM. Item 1 was the same and that was it.


Now - it is a complicated assembly and contains several SolidWorks configurations for exploded views. The view the BOM was created from had everything visible, where as the exploded view I was annotating had 80% of the components of the assembly hidden (not suppressed). Not sure if this relates however it's the only reason I can see for Item Numbers not being the same.


How does one get consistent Item Numbers across multiple configurations (assuming that's my problem)?


By the way - we're currently using SW 2011.