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I need help with processing this model on hass vf2ss in solidcam!!! PLEASE!

Question asked by Josip Cobovic on Jul 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Josip Cobovic

Hello, i'm a student on one college in Croatia and for my final work i have to process this 3D model (solidworks 2014) or similar to this (feed screw) in solidcam on haas vf2ss because that postprocessor exists in solidCAM 2014 (its important that machine is 4axe mill). I never done something like this but i would like to learn. Is there anyone who could help me and do this for me in solidcam. I saw video on youtoube and that should be something like this: . If this is to hard i will be grateful on some instructions how to do myself (which operation i need to use when enter new mill in solidcam). If anyone knows to do simulation and give me the file in some other CAM software or other machine it will be also good to me, a video like tutorial. This is very important to me and i don't know where to ask for help and maybe here is someone who know this and its easy to him. I make model in Solidworks 2014 if anyone need some other version of file i could make for him. I would really appreciate any help or directions. Best regards!



link for my model: