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Forming tool over a rolled sheetmetal

Question asked by Raul Borobio on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by Raul Borobio

I've searched a lot all over the forum and didn't find anything useful for my case.


I need to design a sheetmetal part like the attached .jpg. It's a part of an assembly where there are some other components, attached to it and with assembly cuts for screws, axis or rivets.


I need a real 3D (rolled sheetmetal part with forming tool and extruded cuts) and also need the flattpattern for manufacturing.


I thinked about three ways to design it:


  1. Type 1
    • Base flange
    • Extruded cut
    • Unfold
    • Forming tool
    • Extruded cut (removes excess material)
    • Flex tool
  2. Type 2
    • Swept flange
    • Extruded cut
  3. Type 3
    • Revolution
    • Shell
    • Extruded cut for opening cilinder
    • Extruded cut


Type 1: I get my 3D with some problems of accuracy because of the flex tool. The problem is that I can't get the flat pattern without suppresing flex operation before.

Type 2: The simplest way, but the problem is that excruded cuts dissapears on the flat pattern.

Type 3: I can't convert solid to sheetmetal part because of the forming tools.


I'll appreciate some help, please.