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    Design Scenario with Materail

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      Dear Cosmos users....

      Any body know how to create a design scenario with material in the parameter drop down list ?

      See image below, please....

        • Design Scenario with Materail
          genexxer genexxer
          You are on the right track...First set up a parameter(name,value) that will be used in the material properties in the next step. If you want to vary elastic modulus, select that in the drop down from which you supplied the image. Then type in a value for the nominal young's modulus. click ok. Then in the tree, expand the materials object and right click the component and choose "apply material to all bodies". In the pop up dialog, right click the cell for the value of young's modulus and choose "link". A popup will allow you to choose the parameter you set up. Once complete, edit the design scenario object and fill in the table with values and check the boxes in the column headers. You can add more scenarios with the radio button. That tells the solver to use what you set up in the design scenario.
          • Design Scenario with Materail
            Vince Adams
            One more key tip to controlling a material with a Design Parameter... you need to make your material a "Custom" material. I'll typically select a material close to what I want from the library then change the type (Radio Buttons in upper left of Materials UI) to Custom. They it can be linked.