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Assemblie simulation

Question asked by Fernando Navarro on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by Simon Yang

Hello, i have a problem with an assembly stress simulation, Hopefully! you could help me, in the next image show the part, was made with weldments, isn't a regular profile, is aluminium profile,



2014-06-30_13-23-00.jpg  2014-06-30_13-36-15.jpg


with this, i made the assembly, with screws of toolbox, in the next picture i show it, even the sill with i tried strengthen the structure


2014-06-30_13-43-30.jpg 2014-06-30_13-47-05.jpg


So my problem is in the stress simulation, my fixed constraint are the lugs, and the force is show in the nexth picture, but appears the next message : define a rigid contact between the beam and the solid or draining.





So, is possible the simulation?, i've read that is so complicated for solidworks this type of study, but i need to know.


THANKS! please help me!


Any question or doubt more specific, let me know!