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    Assemblie simulation

    Fernando Navarro

      Hello, i have a problem with an assembly stress simulation, Hopefully! you could help me, in the next image show the part, was made with weldments, isn't a regular profile, is aluminium profile,



      2014-06-30_13-23-00.jpg  2014-06-30_13-36-15.jpg


      with this, i made the assembly, with screws of toolbox, in the next picture i show it, even the sill with i tried strengthen the structure


      2014-06-30_13-43-30.jpg 2014-06-30_13-47-05.jpg


      So my problem is in the stress simulation, my fixed constraint are the lugs, and the force is show in the nexth picture, but appears the next message : define a rigid contact between the beam and the solid or draining.





      So, is possible the simulation?, i've read that is so complicated for solidworks this type of study, but i need to know.


      THANKS! please help me!


      Any question or doubt more specific, let me know!

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          Shaun Densberger

          I'm a little unclear as to what you're asking exactly; can you provide some clarification about what issues you're having and what exactly your trying to simulate and capture from a results point?


          That being said, you could simulate this with a beam element representation of the 80/20 extrusion profiles, but I'm not sure what the best way to represent the bolted connection between the beam elements and you lugs (at least with what is available in SW Simulation). One option might be to make beam element representations of the bolts and connect them to the inner surface on the holes.


          Whatever method you use, understand that you'll have limited accuracy on results within the beam elements (particularly stress results) as well as the stresses at the bolted interfaces between the profiles and the lugs. I think the best approach is to look at reaction forces/moments at the joints and compare them against the allowable values given by 80/20 for whatever connection method you're using (single anchor, end fastener, joining plate, etc.). Do that same for the interface between the lugs and the profiles. Look at the reaction forces/moments and use them to calculate the total tensile and shear loads on your bolts.


          Make sure to also do some hand calculates to check some of the values calculated by your simulation.

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            Jared Conway

            your stress plot didn't get posted

            also if you could post the exact error message screenshots that would be ideal

            would highly recommend you start really simple and slowly add to your analysis

            start with just the lugs, fix them, with gravity, then add the next part, rinse and repeat until you have the whole thing

            this way you don't miss any contacts and you learn about how the model has to be build fot analysis as you go

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              Chase Draper

              You can tell it to treat the faztek weldments as solids but your mesh is going to have to be super tight and it will take a long time to solve.  I would probably get rid of the legs and the lower portion of the box and use fixtures to support it under the corners of the top frame.  The more pieces you can eliminate the faster it will run.