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unanticipated, non-repeatable, non-RX-able events.

Question asked by Philip Lane on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Philip Lane

We have around 25 users all with approved/certified hardware, drivers etc and most of the problems we have are of several generic types of unanticipated, non-repeatable and therefore non-RX-able crashes, hangs, EPDM read/write fails which then cause SW to hang/crash....and so on.

As there is little or no chance of recording such events, VARs & SW don't want to know.

But......and I'm sure this happens just about everywhere.....there are 'generic' types of fails which must be known, and a good idea known of what is causing them.

Especially of the type caused by the interaction of SW with Windows 7 etc.

One of the worst common types we get is SW crashing while checking in/out of EPDM. It must happen several times each day.

Another is the common fail of SW minimized windows not maximizing from the Task Bar - A common Windows / Solidworks Aero Theme fail.

Is there a K.B. or a forum or a logging process to deal/highlight/process such not-acceptable regularly occurring events? Or am I really asking too much?

Thank you.