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Win 8.1 Nvidia Quadro K1100m Driver Instability

Question asked by Jono Makepeace on Jul 1, 2014



I'm running SW 2014 SP 2.0 on a Dell Precision M4800, Nvidia Quadro K1100m gfx card, Windows 8.1 64-bit.


I'm having major issues with instability and multiple crashes occuring from multiple sets of actions (saving, rebuilding, edit component in assembly, etc.).


I've narrowed this down to a gfx driver issue. I'm currently running the Dell recommended driver 327.62, however I have had the same issues with other drivers such as the latest nvidia ODE.


Running Solidworks RX says that they do not support the current driver config for the gfx card, and checking on the Solidworks driver website suggests that they do not have a driver for this setup on Windows 8.1 64-bit, only Windows 7 64-bit.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Anyone with a similar setup that has found a working driver?


Will I be forced to revert to Windows 7?


Any plans from Solidworks to implement some driver testing for Windows 8.1 Quadro combinations?


This is very worrying.


Thanks in advance!