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Checking and Approval Procedures

Question asked by Don Cheke on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Jim Steadman

Would anyone like to share how they have implemented checking and approval procedures for drawings in their manufacturing plant environment?


I am not too proud to say that we have been very lax over the last few years and I want to implement a good productive and viable solution.


Here is where we suffer the most:


  • File checking and approval
  • Spelling mistakes (we all make mistakes and currently spell check does not check tables or sheet format (or at least format not easily). I am continually coming across spelling mistakes and it takes a lot of extra work to fix them after the fact.
  • File names not matching drawing titles. File names have been important in my role as design engineer and drawing manager.
  • Part names used in 3D models not reflecting part naming convention precisely (drafts people not taking the time to name the parts in their models correctly).
  • Different parts used on the plant floor than what is specified in the drawings (or vise versa).
  • Revision # not matched in File names and what is on the drawing sheet.
  • Screw sizes, Screw Finish (ZN, SS, etc) and Screw Type (Self-Drilling, Thread Forming, Self-Tapping Sheet Metal, etc.) Again, an internal issue where 3D models and drawings should match what is being used in the plant and they don't.


I have instigated talks again with our SW VAR to look into Enterprise PDM to see if this will help to some degree. This might help with file management but will it help with checking and approval.


Do you have people assigned especially to the task of file checking? Where do they fit in the management team? Is it someone familiar with the whole operation? Other thoughts?