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Repeatedly using sketch parts

Question asked by James Allen on Jun 30, 2014
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Apologies if this has been answered before, I tried searching but could be using incorrect terminology.


I am designing an object with 2 parts that will be varied. There are two separate parts that vary throughout the designs. For simplicity I will call them A-E and 1-7. For this design I need to combine all the parts in all possible ways, so part A and part 1 make one complete design, B and 1 another and so on all the way through to E and 7.


I have saved the design, which are only sketches, into the design library so I can add the two parts together with one as a derived part.


The problem is that when the two parts are added together I then need to add a pair of splines between the two parts specific to the configuration. For example A1 and A3 will have different splines. After the splines are added I then want to start sweeping the framework of the object but through both parts. I cannot add sketch entities from the derived part to the sweep curve, or create a composite curve involving sketch entities from the derived part.


Is there a way to simply add the second part not as a derived part but just as more 3d sketch lines all in one go? I try copying and pasting but I have to do each sketch line individually then realign to where it should be.




(I am using SolidWorks 2013)