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Recent histrory is different on PCs and/or IE and Firefox

Question asked by Andreas Killer on Jun 30, 2014

I have an issue following my posts from different PCs.


a) When I'm at work and use SW, inside SW a list of posts in different forums is shown. When I click on an item, the IE is opened and the post is shown.


Why is the IE used? My default browser is Firefox!


Anyway, I use IE and log on into the forum and write an answer in a thread.


b) When I later use Firefox (at work) and log on into the forum, I can't see anything in my recent history!


Is there a way to have the recent history in both browsers?


c) The same issue exists on the opposide part, post something using Firefox, the post is not shown using IE.


d) When I use Firefox at home, I can't see my posts that I've answered at work!


Is there a way out of this pain?