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Material Selection for Stainless 440c

Question asked by Mark Johnsen on Jun 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

I am trying to find the deflection of a NSK PU15 linear rail using the simulation Add-in for Solidworks Premium.  I also want to find the deflection of the rail and my support beam, but that is the next step.  I want to see if the rail deflection by itself makes sense. 


My problem is that I cannot find a material selection for the NSK PU15 linear rail, which is definitely a hardened 400 series Martensite stainless steel.  I found that other linear rails are Stainless Steel 440c, which I think that would be a fine choice as I don't know exactly the NSK material.  In the Steel material selection of Solidworks, there are a several 300 series Stainless steel selections, but no 400 series.  Not knowing what I don’t know, I would like a material selection w/ the (SS) designation for the stress-strain data because I ‘think’ that should help w/ the calculation to make it ‘better.’ 


Any suggestions on choosing a 400 series stainless?  Someone else has had to have this problem?  Since it is not there, saving a material and modifying might be a good choie – any suggestions on that?  Also, would the DIN steels be a choice, but reading those numbers is hard?