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Extruded boss at an angle from its origin.

Question asked by Kim Panattoni on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Kelef Man

I feel sheepish, friends.



While I got the answer to my previous question in here, I made the mistake of tagging something to the end of the question, instead of posting a new question about one of the other issues I was experiencing with the operation. Here's what I need to do:



Definitely see the attached model, but in brief, you'll see a feature in a folder called Gangway, which extrudes at an angle normal to the body it is attached to. I need it to do so for direction 1, but direction 2, I need to extrude the same distance, but I need the extrude to be horizontal without changing the distance of any part of the extrude. Here is a diagram to show what I mean:






I feel silly because I didn't ask the complete question last time, so please pardon me for that... You'll see from the model why direction 1 of the Extruded Boss needs to be up to surface, but I need to have direction 2 go the way the picture shows.



Thanks again for all of your patience, I feel like such a newbie asking all of these questions... and I guess I am, but you have all been so kind!



Again, thank you!