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How to reinstall solidworks 2006 to 2012?

Question asked by Dovydas Bunka on Jun 28, 2014
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I have a problem with my solidworks. I am a new worker in a company. Computer that had solidworks in it had crashed. HDD was broken. Now I have a new pc but there is a problem with the activation of the program. I have 2006 solidworks witch was upgraded a cuple of times to 2012 version. when I try to install 2006 version, on the 3 'rd cd I get an error 1406.I tried to just install 2012 version but the serial that I have for 2006 verion is too short for 2012. I am using windows 7.

Maybe somebody could help with the procedure of the installation and how to get rid of that error. Or maybe there is a posibility to instal 2012 solidworks and get a new serial number, without having to reinstall past versions.