Aron Lasky

SW License Manager in SW2K7sp3?

Discussion created by Aron Lasky on Mar 2, 2007
I am trying to beta test the sp3 for Vista.
I have not found the SW License Manager admin anywhere. Was it not included in the downloads?
All the other downloads installed fine, as far as I know, but where I try to run SW2K7sp3 the message; "Could not obtain a license for SolidWorks. Cannot connect to license server (-15,10,10061). Naturally, since there is no way to load/read the license file.
I have a network license and cannot setup the LM.
Any ideas?
I'd like to help out SW and test for Vista, but there is VERY little information for this beta test, unless someone can point me to where it is being kept.
Hopefully someone from SW beta team can help me out here.