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Assembly Visualization Behavior

Question asked by Ryan Beck on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Jim Sculley

I am a 15 year SW user, but reltively new to using Assembly Visulization. 


I am primarily concerned with isolating and dealing with "heavy" components for either rebuilds or graphics that multiply their monstrous need for resources in upper level assemblies.  This is easily done in the Assembly Visualization, but it seems to disregard the Feature Freeze altogether?


The heaviest part (longest rebuild time) shown takes 8.22 seconds, according to the Assembly Visualization (A-vis?), SW-Rebuild Time property.  However, when I investigated this, I found that the Feature Freeze was already anabled and the component itself has a 0.00 rebuild.


I suspect that the property, "SW-Rebuild Time" disregards the feature freeze and must be picking up an internal property instead? Does anyone know?


If I am correct, then the Assembly Visualization tool is less useful for me... ...but still an advantage over my old method - instinct and investigation.