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Problem extending body to body in weldment (2014)

Question asked by Magnus Hammar on Jun 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Philip Lewis

I have a really weird problem with extending bodies. I can not for my life figure out why this model does refuse to trim/extend up to the top profile. It has been working wonderfully until recently but when I changed the position on the top curved profile it broke. Can someone figure out what is wrong? 

I am generating models using API so I start with copying ApiFrontSide_Template -> ApiFrontSide_1111 (etc...)

Then I am opening the _1111 part to change dimensions, draw the vertical pipe stubs and tries to extend them.


The slightly overworked approach on my weldment comes from my desire to never get into any issues where the program need to pick what bodies to keep and discard.

What is wrong?

Is the part-file damaged or perhaps my Sw installation?

Can someone else extend the blue pipe with their installation of solidworks?

Any input on this would be most appreciated.