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Base flange + swept flange/miter flange

Question asked by Raul Borobio on Jun 27, 2014
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I'm a newbie on SW. I've been working with Solid Edge for 14 years and am a bit lost on SW.


I'm trying to create a top-down design and I'm getting trouble at the first sheetmetal part.


This part is fully configurable. It contains a base flange with a 'L' profile. Next operation could be a flange, a swept flange or a miter flange. I need to add two options: a vertical line profile, or a inverted 'C' profile. Then, I apply a extruded cut to the ends. Here is when I got some errors:


It's simple, I use a base flange and then a swept flange. Finally I apply the extruded cut. Error!  When going to the flat pattern, the flattened arc from bends doesn't get cut by the previous operation.


I've tried three more options:

  1. Base flange + base flange
  2. Base flange + flange + swept flange
  3. Base flange + flange + miter flange


The only way to get that part with no errors is the option 3. But I need to create an extra operation. I don't understand why SW doesn't flatten correctly the sheetmetal part.


Somebody can explain why I'm getting that errors? Is this a 2012 issue solved in later versions?


Sorry for my bad english


Thank you in advance