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Photoview360 2014 rendering hidden objects

Question asked by Richard Austin-Berry on Jun 26, 2014

Hi All,


I've seen a few older posts about this problem of Photoview360 rendering hidden objects, but none relating to 2014.


I'm currently working on animating an assembly. I frequently (and successfully) use hidden parts to assist motion or build the assembly throughout the animation but this evening;


Photoview360 renders perfectly when I invoke 'Final Render' at any position throughout the timebar, excluding all hidden parts at the appropriate time. However, when I set up to save animation to file (series of .bmp) Photoview360 includes all geometry. This hasn't happenned previously.


I did read once that you can apply a transparent material rather than 'hide' each part, but thought I'd post this up first rather than re-configure the sequence.