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Trimming a line in a sketch makes the whole sketch go nuts

Question asked by James Dillner on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Jamil Snead

I've been using Solidworks since 2006, and there is one behavior that seems to be getting worse.  I am using 2014 now. 


Sometimes I will be doing a sketch, and the sketch will be fine...constrained, no issues at all... then I trim a line, and the whole thing turns red and becomes unsolvable.  I KNOW that I can just "undo" and untrim the line to make it good again, but why should the simple act of trimming a line add some redundant constraint that would create headaches for the user? 


A little side note:  when I trim and delete lines in sketches in 2014 I am seeing leftover line endpoints as dots all over the place.  This didn't used to happen either. 


Why does this product seem to somehow seem to get worse in some areas where these problems didn't exist before?