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    Setting Infinite length on sketch lines as default?

    Gary Weiler

      I have a user that is interested in defaulting the "infinite length" setting to "on" whenever he draws a centerline while modeling.  Can this be done? And, if so, how?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Gary, there is no direct option to do that. Not sure of there is any registry setting to do it. On other hand can you share why he is interested in doing so. How this would help him/her in the workflow.

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            Nathan Rollins

            When I came over to SWX (from Pro/Easy) 2.5 years ago, I too searched for this functionality.  I even tried (unsuccessfully) writing a macro to do this for me.  I did not find a way, but eventually realized the the short CL segments in SWX are just as easy to create, just as functional and cleaner looking than their infinite length counterparts.  In fact I find myself sketching line segments in Creo lately, setting them to construction geometry and then cursing PTC because you cannot use them for symmetry / mirroring.  In SWX, the centerline segments can be lengthened to anything desired and their unconstrained endpoints do not influence the sketch's fully defined status.  The way I use them, it is a better solution.  Is there a different / better reason to have infinite length that I am not seeing?


            Have your user read this and give it a shot.  Is he a PTC convert / new-ish SWX user?  I'll be happy to commiserate with him and talk him down from the wall if he's ready to jump...





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              Sean Powell

              I too find this mildly frustrating. With floating length centerlines/construction lines I find that the centerline is frequently completely overlapped by the solid line making it challenging to use for dimensioning at a later point. The lack of an efficient 'query select' Like ProEasy right-clicking turns a nusiance into a frustration. I have changed my work flow so that variable length center-lines are always set at one end of the part model and radiate outward and then I constrain the length equal to some other piece of geometry to keep it from being swallowed. It's unfortanate but like switching from an old powerful manual transmission to an economy automatic there are things that SWX is just not going to do the same as ProE. A good user adapts themselves. (but it hurts to change after 22 years of ProE experience. i know)