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    ? Show areas of multiple irregular surfaces on drawing.

    Sean Powell


      I have been searching the knowledge base but not finding what I need. The most relavent topic is this one which ended in an enhancement request.




      I have an irregular surface generated from some GIS land-survey data. I am attempting to partition this land into regular size blocks. The way I have done this in other CAD systems is to create a new surface offset from the base surface, cut out a portion and set up an area calculation on the drawing. After creating multiple land blocks I can adjust borders until the correct area is close or run an optimization study for an exact match.



      What I have achieved so far is to measure the area and save a sensor displaying this data in the model tree. All I need to do now is show "Measurement1(Area: #### ft^2)" in a note on a drawing.



      HOW can I display values of a sensor on a drawing?




      Thank you for your assistance in advance.


      Sean Powell