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Problems Integrating Inventor into EPDM

Question asked by Mike B on Jun 26, 2014

So I can't be the only person out there using Inventor with ePDM and having problems...


Our workflow incorporates several "non-CAD" users that do not have Inventor. When these users try to move something with an inventor file referenced to it, ePDM gives them an error since their computers cannot recognize the project file. Our solution was to install Inventor View on everyone's PC so we could define the project file. This worked GREAT, but we noticed when you try to open a file through Inventor View, both Inventor View and ePDM crash. Does anyone have experience with this or know of a different way to handle those pesky project files?


Also, our preview tab will only display a bitmap image of our Inventor parts. Our VAR promised us this would work, but have yet to provide us with an answer. Does anyone have a work-around? I was thinking edrawings professional for inventor might resolve that, but again, that is just a guess.