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    2014 an unstable mess?

    Mike McConnell

      I recently started a new job, with new computers, modelling and producing drawings for things I've never modeled or drew before. So there are several "X Factors" here. But what I'm noticing is a large number of crashes and bugs, far more than I've seen in Solidworks before. So what I'm wondering is if it's the nature of the work we're doing, our computers, or if other people have noticed a rise in the number of bugs and crashes when going from 2013 to 2014?


      The problems we're seeing are maddening. I've been using Solidworks since 2007 and I've never seen this sort of behavior. And all of the designers here are seeing the same sorts of issues on different computers.


      • Crash to desktop is VERY common.
      • Parts in an assembly move when they shouldn't.
      • We're regularly told that adding a mate to a part with no mates would over-define the assembly.
      • Often I'll open a drawing of an assembly and see red and yellow errors in the feature tree. But then I open the assembly and there are no errors. And when I go back to the drawing, all the red and yellow is gone. This happens sporadically, and the presence of these false errors can sometimes (but not always) be elimianted by closing and re-opening Solidworks.
      • Parts supress and unsupress seemingly of their own accord. I've worked with configurations for years. I know how they work. This isn't normal. (In fact, after the last service pack, I opened one of my more massive and complex subassemblies, only to find every part unsurpressed, regardless of configuration.
      • Views in drawings disappear. They'll re-appear only after you close and re-open Solidworks.
      • Hardware form the toolbox changed length. This seemed to happen only once, after we applied SP3, but it affected several assemblies. We applied the SP, opened the assemblies, and our hardware was a mess.
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          Kelvin Lamport

          For me SW14 has been as stable as any other version (and more so than some).


          In the past, most of the problems you describe have been attributed to using non-approved or mismatched graphics card & driver.

          Have you run the SolidWorks Rx > Diagnostics tool on the computers having these problems?
          Can you list the system specs of the computers?

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            Jerry Steiger



            One of the people who was reporting crashing a lot on SW2014 reported no crashes after switching to SP4. He hasn't had a lot of time on it yet, but so far, so good.


            Jerry S.

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              Chris Mueller

              I am using SW 2014 SP3, and have experienced a lot of crashes, usually in assembly mode, and usually working with mates or copy with mates.  The report generator comes up after the crash, which actually is rare in our experience (it is usually EPDM that sinks the ship). 


              So yes, it is an unstable mess...

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                  Matthew Watts

                  I can predictably and consistently get it to crash, by attempting to paste an appearance onto a part.  It happens at the same point in the process every time, and just locks SW up, and brings up the "What were you doing?" message.  I have tried pasting onto a smaller face versus uses the appearance filter to paste onto the sections of the overall part that I actually want, but it still results in a crash.


                  I have also seen the "An unknown error occurred while accessing..." message often lately, usually while editing in context, and it causes my feature tree to dissapear and renders the part unsaveable.  This is happening with a part on my desktop, so it's not like a networked part is causing the problem.


                  I have upgraded to SP4, to no avail.  Not sure what to do at this point.  My graphics card is up to date and is compatible, per SW RX; brand new PC.  I have been using it for 6 months in the exact same manner, this has just started happening these past two weeks, in SP3 and SP4 for me.

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                      Jerry Steiger



                      If you can predictably get it to crash, then you can send an RX to your VAR or send him the parts that you have an issue with.


                      Since other people seem to be able to add appearances onto parts, it is quite likely that something is wrong on your computer. Since RX says all is good, perhaps your installation has been corrupted. You might try running a repair. If that doesn't help, you might try a reinstall. I would get the VAR involved before going that far.


                      Jerry S.

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                        Nivil Thomas

                        We had the same problem, ie, sw crashing when pasting appearance, i believe in 2014 SP2, which was corrected in SP3 SPR#746057

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                      Jeff Holliday

                      I have experienced less problems than I remember from past versions (I have used SW since 1997). Any problem is 1 more than anyone would like to experience but SW2014 has been in use at many locations. If I were at your company, I would have the VAR who provides your SW support come out and provide solutions for the problems. In the meantime, this Forum may be able to help better if you can give us a general idea of the hardware used to run SW.

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                        Eric Fox

                        I've experienced more issues than most previous releases (been using since SW06), but it's most likely on my end. The PC I'm using has a non-certified graphics card, and all of my issues seem to stem from this. Hopefully in the future the company I'm with will upgrade to a certified card. Until then, I'll continue to save constantly.

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                          Jamil Snead

                          I've only experienced one of those problems before, the drawing views disappearing, but that was happening to me with SW2012 also. If it's the same problem as I have the bounding box is still there but the lines of the view don't show. If you delete the view and then undo it should show up properly again.

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                              Glenn Schroeder

                              Jamil Snead wrote:


                              If you delete the view and then undo it should show up properly again.


                              A Ctrl+Q rebuild will often fix that, or changing the Display Style, then changing it back.  I had problems with that from when I started with SW (SW2009) until SW2013, but it seems to have stopped for me with SW2014.

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                              Mark Kaiser

                              Are these problems with newly created files, or old files created before 14? 

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                                Chris Mueller

                                3rd time today.  All he__ is gonna break loose when all 30 users upgrade in 10 days.  I am just hoping that SP4 is more stable...  Will be testing that one on my machine next week.


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                                  John Burrill

                                  Mike it sucks to have troubles like that.  For my part, I've found 2014 pretty stable and responsive.  Under no normal circumstances should you be crashing 3 times a day.

                                  But here are my top 5 most commonly encountered non-normal circumstances that precipitate crashes:

                                  1) Radeon or NVS-I see a workstation with a non-certified graphics card and I know that IT spec'd the machines without consulting anyone.  You can tweak the drivers to death on a bad video card but you can't make it not suck

                                  2) Aggressive pc monitoring/protection/backup tools: RAID1 backup, Ghosting, registry monitoring, anti-phishing and some virus scanners just screw with SolidWorks.  Some think it massive file access calls look like malware, other just wanting to check every little thing it does cause delayed reads.  If you're getting assemblies loading wit lots of supressed components for no reason, look into your virus scanner.

                                  3)Wrong GPU assigned to Solidworks.  Check to make sure that your workstation graphics card is set as the default instead of the INTEL HD3000 shared memory chipset that your motherboard came with.  If you use nVidia, you can use the control panel to set the default.

                                  4)nView (nVidia) or Hydra (ATI) window managers:  If you're getting things like your desktop icons in the background of your model, weird artifacts around your mouse or windows that won't maximize correctly, check to see if you have the window enhancing features turned on in the display manager software that's installed with the driver.  If so, disable it.

                                  5) pulling files over a cheap network:  If you have 10 engineers opening all of your files over ethernet (or worse, wifi) through a 10 year old gigabit switch that the rest of the company is using for everything from marketing presentations to streaming the Family Guy dead frog gag, then SolidWorks is constantly getting interrupted and put on hold in its requests for file access-which-by the way-it does almost continuously, not just when the file is opened, then you're going to see crashes, blink outs and the worst of all messages: Failed to Save!

                                  Honorable mention: 32bit hardware and OS but I'm assuming, new machines means 64bit architecture.  I can't wait for 2015 to close that dark chapter of 3D CAD.

                                  So, usually, the way to address these issues is to start with a standard configuration and then begin adding your organizations unique requirements until you find the break-down factor and then address that. 

                                  For starters, what are the specs of your CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, OS and network?