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2014 an unstable mess?

Question asked by Mike McConnell on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Nivil Thomas

I recently started a new job, with new computers, modelling and producing drawings for things I've never modeled or drew before. So there are several "X Factors" here. But what I'm noticing is a large number of crashes and bugs, far more than I've seen in Solidworks before. So what I'm wondering is if it's the nature of the work we're doing, our computers, or if other people have noticed a rise in the number of bugs and crashes when going from 2013 to 2014?


The problems we're seeing are maddening. I've been using Solidworks since 2007 and I've never seen this sort of behavior. And all of the designers here are seeing the same sorts of issues on different computers.


  • Crash to desktop is VERY common.
  • Parts in an assembly move when they shouldn't.
  • We're regularly told that adding a mate to a part with no mates would over-define the assembly.
  • Often I'll open a drawing of an assembly and see red and yellow errors in the feature tree. But then I open the assembly and there are no errors. And when I go back to the drawing, all the red and yellow is gone. This happens sporadically, and the presence of these false errors can sometimes (but not always) be elimianted by closing and re-opening Solidworks.
  • Parts supress and unsupress seemingly of their own accord. I've worked with configurations for years. I know how they work. This isn't normal. (In fact, after the last service pack, I opened one of my more massive and complex subassemblies, only to find every part unsurpressed, regardless of configuration.
  • Views in drawings disappear. They'll re-appear only after you close and re-open Solidworks.
  • Hardware form the toolbox changed length. This seemed to happen only once, after we applied SP3, but it affected several assemblies. We applied the SP, opened the assemblies, and our hardware was a mess.