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Delete a part from an assy, and it is deleted from other assy's...?

Question asked by Jim Pazen on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by Deepak Gupta

As the subject says, I have assemblies that have parts that I independently (did not use "form new subassembly here" command -- opened new assembly template, inserted parts, mated as desired, saved to new name, etc.) used to create an assembly. I want to delete the individual parts in one of the higher level assy's, and replace them with the recently formed assembly (let's call this the subassy for clarity) as a sub-assembly, for BOM purposes. With the subassy closed, I delete the individuals from the higher level assy.  I go to insert the subassy, and it's empty. If I'd had the sub open, I could see a connection. It is not open. It has not been open this session, in fact it has not been open since I last booted up the computer.


I say some very naughty words, then call my VAR and explain the situation. She remotely connects to my machine and watches what happens. She does some research, and then tells me that this is "an intended operation". I sat WHAT?!?!? She says yes. Apparently what they expect you to do, is hide a copy of the subassy where SW won't find it, delete the parts, restore the copied files to the directories I want them in, and then add the subassy to the assembly. Guess where this is a pain.


Is anyone else running into this? Is there a better way of achieving my goal? Am I SOL?


I'd appreciate any help...