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    Old 2nd Hand Workstation vs. New Home Built PC

    Aitor Molina

      Hello Everyone,


      I have come to this wonderful forum as I have some questions about what is the better PC for solidworks and some other tasks.


      Firstly I am looking at spending about 1600 Euros (max 1750) on a PC for Solidworks modeling, analysis, and some rendering (very rarely), FEA (both structural (Ansys) and fluids (Star CCM+), and maybe some gaming duty (very rarely and likely not the newest games). I am using this as a personal computer (ie not for business but for my own engineering projects) so I do not need the ultimate in stability. While I know I am spending a lot I would like to keep the PC for a while and would rather not need to upgrade in the next 2-3 years.


      So my first option is a used Dell Precision T7500 workstation I am getting for 1580E


      Processor: 2 x Intel Xeon X5680

      RAM: 48GB DDR3 1066Mhz

      GPU: NVidia Quadro FX4800

      HDD: 2 x 600GB 15k RPM SAS Drives

      PSU: 1100 Watt 80PLUS Silver


      Downsides: No USB 3.0, No SATA 6.0 Gb/s for newest SSDs (an upgrade I will do later)


      Then I was thinking of building my own PC with the following specs.


      Processor: i7 4770K (with some light OC)

      RAM 32GB DDR3 1600 Mhz

      GPU: Nvidia Quadro K4000 (used)

      SSD: 512GB SATA 6.0 Gb/s

      HDD: 1TB 7.2K RPM

      PSU: Something with enough headroom for SLI GPUs and as efficient as possible


      Which one would you reccomend? Is my idea for the homebuilt PC totally off base and should I swap some components? Do you think the workstation will be OK for the next couple of years?


      Thanks in advanced!