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Feeling Swept Away

Question asked by Sam R on Jun 25, 2014
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Thank you in advance for your time.

I've been working more and more with SW and the greatest challenges seem to be with sweeps.

In this case it's a heim joint which you can see here


I inserted a top and side view to trace.  Then I started out drawing a section view to sweep around the curve.  Failing that, I drew the overall and attempted to subtract material to get the profile in the picture.  In each instance I'm told that the profile intersects itself at section #1.  I've attempted to adjust the twist options without finding any improvement.

(on that note I was working on another part where the sweep inserted a twist and changing options wouldn't remove the unnecessary twist)


Any advice on changing settings or sketches to allow me to create this sweep would be very much appreciated.

BTW-I'm working on an older 2011 version of SW. So if you adjust the file, can it be saved recursively?