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    Mesh Setting >>> h / p adaptive ???? ( URGENT )

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      Dear Cosmos users....

      1. Any body can explain to me about deafault mesh, p-adaptive mesh & h-adaptive mesh ?
      2. When we use default, p or maybe h-adaptive ?
      3. What is the effect of each mesh setting ?

      Thank you .....

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        • Mesh Setting >>> h / p adaptive ???? ( URGENT )
          Seth Langston
          The h and p adaptive methods are ways to refine the mesh. The h adaptive method gradually reduces the size of elements to give you a mesh that better fits your actual geometry. It does this by doing an initial mesh, solving the problem, refining the mesh, resolving the problem, and checks the difference in strain energy between the two solutions and compares that to the set target accuracy. If it has not reached the target accuracy or maximum number of loops it will refine the mesh and solve the problem again, and so on.

          The p adaptive method does not change the mesh as h adaptive does. Instead it will change the order of each element within the mesh. Elements start out as 2nd order and cosmos will use similar iterations (as done with h adaptive) to increase the order of the elements (upto a specified order) until the strain energy error or maximum number of loops criteria are satisfied.

          The default method does not refine the mesh or increase the element order. You can save a lot of time using the default method and manually add mesh controls to locations where you expect to find higher stresses instead of using h or p adaptive. Using the h adaptive or p adaptive methods are iterative and can require a lot more time to solve. Even when the iterations are done, there is no assurance that the results have converged.
          • Mesh Setting >>> h / p adaptive ???? ( URGENT )
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            Hi Langston....

            Thank`s for your explanation.
            Base on your experience, which is the most accurate ?