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How to fix a Top down design in an assembly?

Question asked by Dan Nalen on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2014 by Jitendra Gahalot



How do I fix this? Its a Top down design in an assembly and two parts should follow changes in measure. 


Its three parts, a pipe, U-bolt and a sheet metal block. Its no problem to sketch them but problems is to fix them to act together.


I have done two examples but its does not work well.


This is starting assembly (click Rebuild with open)



Have tried both Convert Entities and Offset. Here is files to two of my best attempts and the problems with them.


In Assem_5.sldsm the cut have cut of bolt. Have try to scetch a new part in the hole but it does not follow changes in measure.


In Assem_11.sldsm I have no idea how to fix two holes for U-bolt which should follow changes in U-bolt. If I do a new Insert / Component / New Part to the two holes for legs to U-bolt the U-bolt will not follow pipe anymore.


Pipe diameter is 59 mm and when change of measure smooth it follow but not in big changes from below 59 (Pipes diameter) and over 59.


The task is illustrated in picture 116.jpg


Grateful for the assistance