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How to create a custom flexible tube

Question asked by Wayne Easton on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Peter De Vlieger

If possible, please could you provide me with some direction with routing. I would like to create some flexible tubing routes to represent my pneumatic piping. I followed a tutorial I found on Youtube, however, I did not end up with a flexible tube that will work. I then also compared my tube to the solidworks tutorial parts and tried to duplicate the same parameter names, design table setup, etc. yet mine will still does not work for a route.


When I select my tube for use in the route, the “Base configuration” shows up blank as you can see in the image below.


Custom Tube Result.png



However, when I select the default solidworks tube, the base configuration field is populated and I am able to create a flexible tubing route.


Solidworks Tube Result.png



Please note that I am not using proper routing fittings as the design library does not contain the festo fittings we use. I am using our standard festo library fittings which have not been configured as routing fittings (As I do not know how to create them). It seems that even though I am not using routing fittings, a flexible route can still be created using the “Start at point command”, provided I am using a properly configured tube part.



Please can you provide me with some information where I am going wrong. I have attached my custom tube for you to have a look at.