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    Classification Search?

    Bill Stadler

      I am looking for an efficient way to search for files in EPDM, starting out with purchased parts.


      I would like the user to be able to search for a screw, a bearing, a cylinder, motor, etc. by certain characteristics.  Example:  I need a Sockect Head Cap Screw, M8, 1.5 long, partial thread, zinc.  Yes if this was all in the description and consistent you could search it but that is not the case with years and years of legacy.


      Anybody come up with a good way in EPDM to tackle something like this?  I would rather not create yet another database to do this...



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          Jeff Sweeney

          What information do you have? Most searches work off of file properties or file locations... if you don't have the words "socket", "cap screw", "M8", "screw", "zinc"...etc somewhere in that file, or its folder, a typical EPDM search isn't going to have much value.

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              Bill Stadler

              In the screw example most of it is in a Variable.  The problem with searching the variable is you have to know the exact string or do contains screw, and contains cap, and contains M8 etc... which takes a long time to return results.  I am assuming it takes so long because we have millions of files and records.


              I guess there is no easy button...

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                  Jeff Sweeney

                  What if you created a search like this and saved it as a favorite:


                  You would have to delete the line items you were not searching for. i.e. if you weren't searching based on description you would have to remove it from the list, but with this start, building the search wouldn't take too long.

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                      Bill Stadler

                      I was trying this.  Actually mine has description 3 times.  Not what I am looking for since this in only one of many parts a long with taking at least 30 seconds to get results.  We may have to create our own database or tag like Jason suggested or use spreadsheets to filter to get to what we are looking for.



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                      Brian McEwen

                      There is a field that will search almost everything at once.  In the out of the box Complete Search card it is called "Text to find in history" (History tab). In my custom card I call it TEXT.  It is slower, but it will search from all the things indicated in the check boxes.  Don't get your hopes up too much - it will still not do exactly what you want (the problem becomes the phrasing for multi-word searches, which do you put first?). 


                      In most cases, this one included, I think it is best to customize the card because it searches too many things by default (e.g. version comments).  I'd use the Card Editor to uncheck all except "Look in card variable values", and "Look in file names" (possible, but less cool, to do similar with a Favorite). (bonus tip: If filename is a card variable on your cards then don't check the file names box also, it is faster to just do card variables. Like 6 sec vs 34 seconds - for 30,000 files.  I should elaborate - it is faster to do one or the other, combining the two types slows it down.)


                      That will search all the variables included on your data cards (even if they are hidden).  Be aware that this field behaves differently than single variable search fields (like filename or description). 


                      I've started an advanced search guide for our users.  Let me see if I can pull out some of the most relevant stuff...


                      [[original 6/25, edited 6/26/14]]

                      + It searches phrases in order, even if embedded. Typing <word1 word2> is treated like this by default: <"word1 word2"> (instead of <word1 OR word2>, the way most other fields work).

                      + The * (asterisk) wildcard will work but other search operators won't (like ! for not). Type <*word1*word2*> if you don't know what is between the two terms, word order must be correct.

                      + It only returns files, not folders.

                      Anyway, value of this will depend on what is on your cards.  Some tradeoffs vs the Variables approach mentioned.

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                    Jason Clarke

                    As I see it you can try 2 different things;

                    Spend time tagging your data in PDM or spend some money on something like Exalead to index/classify your content