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Design Table Autofilling Problem

Question asked by Karl Weeks on Jun 24, 2014

Design Table Auto-Filling Problem

We have used an assembly model since 2001 that uses an assembly level design table to control the supression or unsuppression of parts by logic that looks at a specified thickness dimension in the design table. If the dimension is blank the part is suppressed. When we updated to Solidworks 2013 it auto-filled all columns in the design tables, causing havoc with our library of existing parts. Now if we open a model the update feature auto fills the table causing previously suppressed parts to become unsuppressed.


general description of model:

  1. The model is an assembly with individual parts (pre SW multi-body). The design table source is 'from file' and 'Link to file' is checked with 'Block edits that would update the design table'.
  2. The design table controls:
    1.     Dimensions in layout sketches of assembly (parts have no dimensions).
    2.     Configurations of the parts.
    3.     Suppression / Un-suppression of parts in assembly.
  3. Where blank numbers exist in design table material thickness dimension logic suppresses that part and may alter the configuration of other parts.
    For example, if a stiffening ring is present there is a plate that will have a slot cut in it. The slot is controlled by configurations of the plate. If the thickness field of the stiffening ring in the design table is left blank the stiffening ring will be suppressed and the plate will not have a slot cut in it.
  4. This model has been in use since approx 2001. Initially all configurations were kept in the same file but this was proving unstable and enabled some inexperienced users to modify existing work. It was decided to create a new instance of the assembly for each job. As a result there are hundreds of instances of the model for equipment that exists in industry. These are needed if we have to replace as spare parts if they wear out.
  5. When this problem was first encountered (over a year ago) we were told by our (previous) VAR there was nothing that could be done. Our VAR has changed since then and the new supplier has been much more helpful, and while they have been unable to help the problem has been passed on to DS Solidworks and is an open SPR (bug).  We are hopeful of a fix from SW but not confident as their website states: "DS SolidWorks does not guarantee that this SPR fix will be available in the indicated future release of the product since at this time the SPR fix has not completed QA procedures that incorporate all SPR fixes and enhancements into a new version of our product."


Does anyone know any way to disable this feature or can anyone suggest a work around for this problem? We are manufacturers of industrial machinery and this legacy data is very important to us as our customers order spare and replacement parts.


Sample file uploaded (not our actual assembly)