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Nvidia K2000 Transparency Issue

Question asked by Luke Prescott on Jun 25, 2014
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One on my collegues has just had a new machine with a K2000 graphics card in and is experiencing a problem where in a part, if he changes the transparency of a face, the visable lines and edges are removed even though it is selected under the Display State. We have identified the issue is graphic card related as we have turned the graphics card off (tools, options, Use software Open GL (this can only be done when no models are open)). Running on the CPU only will preform currently.

Has anyone else exterienced this problem as we have spoken with solidsolutions who is our direct support and they do not have any answers. We have tried updating the card drivers as well with no success.


Please see attached pictures.


Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards


Luke Prescott