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    Taghi Nasiri

      Dear Sir \ Madam

      We are making a 3D-model for a Steel Making Plant by Solid Works. Now the 60% of the modeling has been done. As much as the size of the file being larger, some increasing problems are occurred as below:

      1. -      When a new assembly inserted on the 3D-model, the software works slower due to increasing the file size.
      2. -      Long time is needed while selecting two surfaces (For example for measuring distance).
      3. -      Taking of 2d-drawings is so difficult (the Computer is blocked).

      Do you have any recommendation for reducing the above mentioned problems?

      Your reply by return is appreciated.

      Our computer system is as below:

      Workstation: Hp Workstation Z800 1110W

      Processor: Intel Xeon X5675(3.06GHZ 12MB 6Core)

      Memory: 32 GB DDR3 1333MHZ ECC

      Graphic: Nvidia Quadro 4000 2GB DDR5

      OS Storage: Intel 120GB SSD 330 Series

      Storage: HP 1TB Stata 7.2K 3.5


      Best regards;

      1. T.Nasiri