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    Fill empty space

    Sebastian Glan



      I have tried to find information about this and havent succeded.


      If i have a made a shell out of a box and want to fill the empty space
      with a material that i define from material database.


      Is there a good way to do this?

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          Chris Michalski

          That space is in fact empty.  You would need to make a solid in that space in order to give that region material properties.  If you make another solid body inside and de-select "merge result" you will end up with 2 distinct bodies which you can apply different materials to.

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              Jamil Snead

              This is basically how you'll have to do it. If the box shape is very complicated and you can't just fill it with a simple extrude then you can use the following method to get a solid body of the inside:


              1. Before you shell, make a copy of the solid body.

              2. Shell the original body.

              3. Make a copy of the shelled body.

              4. Do a combine-subtract to remove the copy of the shelled body from the copy of the unshelled body.


              This will leave you with the original shelled body and a body that fills it.

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              Kelvin Lamport

              You could also use the Intersect tool.


              1) Make a copy of the shelled body

              2) Create a plane or surface representing the filled level

              3) Use the Intersect tool to create the filled portion